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ZOA™ Energy Drink Zero Sugar -Lemon Lime

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Country: United States of America

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ZOA™ Energy Drink Zero Sugar – Original: Energy for a Healthy, Positive Life

ZOA Energy is made to give health-conscious, everyday warriors like you the positive energy you need to take on the day. Crafted with natural caffeine, superfoods and added vitamins and electrolytes, it’s the perfect pre-workout drink or feel-good afternoon pick-up. Try all 5 amazing flavors and experience Energy for a Healthy, Positive Life.

Healthy Warrior Blend

  • IMMUNITY – 100% DV Vitamin C (from Camu Camu, Acerola, Ascorbic Acid)
  • FOCUS – Vitamins B6 & B12 + Choline
  • HYDRATION – Potassium & Magnesium Electrolytes
  • BODY – 250mg BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)
  • ENERGY – 160mg Caffeine from Green Tea Extract & Green Coffee + Vitamins B1 & B2

Additional information

Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 6.7 × 6.7 × 15.7 cm

16 OZ


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