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PMD® Omega Cuts Elite

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Country: United States of America

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PMD® Omega Cuts® ELITE: Anti-Catabolic Formula Softgels

PMD® Omega Cuts® ELITE is an anti-catabolic formulation that binds its MCT Muscle Sparing and CLA Muscle Toning Blends together to help your body burn fat without sacrificing hard-earned muscle. Formulated with CLA 95%, the purest, most concentrated form of CLA. By retaining muscle, you create a high muscle-to-fat ratio, which leads to a higher metabolism rate. This versatile sports nutrition product can be implemented into any serious supplementation program.

  • 90 fast-absorbing softgels
  • Extreme definition
  • Core 95 Complex

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 6.6 × 6.6 × 11.2 cm



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